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Centrally located in the East End of Pittsburgh, East Liberty is currently undergoing a "renaissance" and a renewed sense of community. In the past few years new stores, including Home Depot, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Starbucks Coffee, PNC Bank, and Target have opened. The business district has seen major public investments in the infrastructure, including street paving and improvements to a major community thoroughfare.


East Liberty is close to major universities, hospitals, and major cultural institutions. A workforce trained in a wide range of backgrounds required for both manufacturing and software development is readily available. This dynamic energy has created an area that is highly conducive to business and residential development.

About 28,000 people live in the 7 communities that comprise the Enterprise Zone. Over five hundred businesses occupy the greater East Liberty business district. These businesses range from small manufacturing firms, engineering companies, and printing shops to software companies. A large number of professional firms, from medical to financial services, are also located in the district.

A busway extending from downtown Pittsburgh to East Liberty and points east provides quick access to the light rail line and other transportation options. This busway brings workers from throughout the region to the area. A 10-minute busway ride to downtown Pittsburgh departs every seven minutes during peak hours.

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