McKnight Realty affiliate buys Kelly Strayhorn Theater and other buildings in East Liberty

Dec 29, 2020 - Pittsburgh Business Times

The developer of The Highline on the South Side and owner of a number of downtown buildings makes a play for central block in the heart of East Liberty's business district.

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Prohibition Pastries opens second "boozy bakery" 

Nov 30, 2020 - Pittsburgh Business Times

Prohibition Pastries, which seeks to include local beers and spirits as a core ingredient, has expanded with a new bakery in East Liberty. It's a new venture to crop up out of the region's craft alcohol scene, which has proliferated in recent years, helped in part by changing legal requirements by the state and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. The new bakery is located at 6168 Centre Avenue, right across from East Liberty's Target store within the apartment complex Eastside Bond, right across the plaza from one of the most recent entrants to Pittsburgh's craft brewing scene, BrewDog >>read more>>